About Us

Vagdevi Literature Festival

Vagdevi Literature Festival, unique of its kind, is a brain child of Dr. Mamata Tripathi, a Sanskrit scholar. This festival reflects our City’s vibrancy of thought, its engagement with the literary world at large.

Vagdevi Lit Fest 2018 schedule is woven around starting conversations to make the world a more inclusive place. Spotlighting Odisha’s unique cultural heritage of inclusiveness, the programme of the 1st edition of Vagdevi Lit Fest spans the entire spectrum of inclusion , including our tribute to late Padmashree Binod Kanungo who being a freedom fighter and School dropout, could singlehandedly prepared the Odia Encyclopaedia, “Jnanmandal”

This is a multi – disciplinary , multi – lingual events , that draws artistes , writers , academics , scholars from Odisha as well as poets from different parts of India.

The era of post truth, where facts are fast losing out to rhetoric, the reality globally is discussed by experts as is the impact of different media on reality today.

The Vagdevi Lit Fest 2018 will be held with the theme of “Feminism in Literature” established amidst the lap of nature at Janamanadal campus, on 13th & 14th of January, 2018.

We have some special reasons that will surely make a true booklover’s Lit Fest.

  • Meaningful conversations and illuminating discussions.
  • A world of new ideas and experience
  • Interactions with Thinkers and Writers in the company of like-minded book lovers.
  • Engaging with the best minds from Odisha and India
  • Endless cups of hot chai on crisp winter morning and evening.
  • Meeting your favourite authors in an informal atmosphere
  • Discovering talented new Writers
  • Asking the one question you always wanted to ask – and getting it answered.
  • Creative Photography, live Tribal art painting and many more. ( All events are free and open to all).
  • Release of books.
  • Honoring authors and talents.
  • Typical odiya cuisine to stimulate your taste buds.
  • Intense Literary dialogues may tighten your nerves. But that can be be relaxed by light live Sufi music by some of the most talented voices which will surely touch your heart and soul.